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Ken Organes Endorses Ben Marcus for Florida State House District 16

Points to approach and support for environmental protection and public education as key


Contact: Jacalyn Crecelius

Email: jacalyn@votebenmarcus.com

Phone: (904) 206-8483

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – May 12, 2020 – "I wholeheartedly endorse Ben Marcus for the Florida House of Representatives District 16 seat.

"I first met Ben last autumn when we began to discuss topics that are important to the residents of District 16 and to the state of Florida as a whole. I was immediately impressed by his deep knowledge of the issues and by his pragmatic approach to improving the quality of life of the people who reside here.

"Ben is campaigning in a district that extends from southern Mandarin to San Marco and from the St. Johns River to the Intracoastal. It is a culturally and economically diverse area that requires a thoughtful approach that meets the needs of all of its constituents.

"Ben’s approach is perfectly suited to this district. He favors a clean environment because it is important to our quality of life and is part of the legacy that we owe to future generations but also because, especially in Florida, it is an economic necessity. He is in favor of traditional public education, while also supporting charter schools that meet the same academic rigor. Why? Because traditional public schools are the manner in which over 90 percent of our students receive their education and also because good public schools are necessary for attracting quality businesses.

"Ben backs renewable energy because it is crucial to attacking one of the most urgent problems affecting District 16 as well as the entire state of Florida – sea level rise. But he also supports it because it is the industry of the future, providing jobs as well as clean energy. In typical fashion, Ben has a plan where the JEA and the citizens of Duval County would work together in a symbiotic approach to provide affordable rooftop solar panels to our residents.

"The alternative to Ben is basically no representation at all. Other than a thinly veiled attempt to provide a route for himself to become the elected Duval School Superintendent, Jason Fischer is a nonentity. He is invisible and utterly ineffectual. We would be better off with no representation at all.

"You deserve better! Vote for Ben Marcus this November to provide real leadership for our district and for the State of Florida in the decade to come. - Ken Organes"

Ben Marcus is a small business owner and graduate of Jacksonville University. He lives in the Sunbeam neighborhood with his wife and three children where they attend Ahavath Chesed (The Temple). Ben believes in the power of community to solve its issues and that legislators should work collaboratively with, not act to subvert, local elected bodies. He doesn’t take money from businesses or PACs, nor does he have a political committee. Ben’s campaign for State House District 16 is focused on proving another way to run for and serve in public office is possible, where ethics and collaboration outweigh ideological purity and insular decision making.

Please visit VoteBenMarcus.com for more information about the campaign.


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