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Democratic candidate for HD 16, Ben Marcus, calls out lack of state leadership on school reopening


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Phone: (904) 206-8483 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – July 14, 2020 – Today, Democratic candidate for HD 16, Ben Marcus, called out Republican Representative Fischer for failing the district on the reopening of our schools. The health and safety of children and the adults who teach and support them must be central and paramount in any plan to reopen “brick and mortar” schools. Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis, and Rep. Fischer, continue to not make the difficult yet informed decisions we need at this time of crisis.

While the state tries to strongarm Constitutionally established school boards into half-baked plans to fully reopen, Ben Marcus has identified three major points any plan should have for as safe a physical opening as possible after speaking with constituents, from doctors and teachers to school staff and parents. Any plan must include:

  • A defined period of time with no or extremely limited new cases before fully reopening schools.

  • Flexibility for students, teachers and staff to quarantine without penalty.

  • Stringent and regular cleaning and disinfecting before and after school starts.

“It is truly a sad situation this district is stuck in right now,” said candidate Marcus. “My opponent, Representative Fischer, has been nowhere to be found outside of high dollar fundraisers with folks who aren’t wearing masks during this entire crisis. He’s too busy signing up to be a delegate for and celebrating the RNC coming to Jacksonville to be bothered to do his job.”

With Florida seeing new cases of COVID-19 rising above 15,000 a day, this crisis calls for elected officials who take their role seriously and run towards the issues to solve, not hide away from constituents.

“For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would sign up for big jobs like this without being interested in actively communicating with constituents,” said candidate Marcus. “Not only I, but respected community members, have invited my opponent to appear in virtual forums and debates with me and he hasn’t even replied, let alone declined. This is tantamount to not showing up to work, in my opinion, and shouldn’t be stood for regardless of the district.”

Ben Marcus is a small business owner and graduate of Jacksonville University. He lives in the Sunbeam neighborhood with his wife and three children where they attend Ahavath Chesed (The Temple). Ben believes in the power of community to solve its issues and that legislators should work collaboratively with, not act to subvert, local elected bodies. He doesn’t take money from businesses or PACs, nor does he have a political committee. Ben’s campaign for State House District 16 is focused on proving another way to run for and serve in public office is possible, where ethics and collaboration outweigh ideological purity and insular decision making.

Please visit VoteBenMarcus.com for more information about the campaign.


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