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Ben Marcus statement on Mayor Curry’s seemingly illegal 5/30-6/1 curfew


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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – June 1, 2020 – "Yesterday evening Jacksonville residents received short notice from Mayor Lenny Curry that he was implementing a curfew for the entirety of the largest city in the United States by area from 8pm to 6am this morning. The mayor cited unspecified threats with no details as to why all of Jacksonville had to stay inside. We all know this curfew was never meant to actually be enforced city wide. This just made it easier to silence and restrict the freedom of movement of specific groups of residents.

“Sec. 674 Part 3 of the Jacksonville Code of Ordinances is clear on how emergency declarations are made. The Mayor cannot simply converse with the Sheriff and decide to shut things down. He is to “as promptly as possible” file the measure with the Council Secretary and share with media and “concurrently,” meaning at the same time, not after, “convene the Council in special meeting, at which he shall report to the Council all the facts and circumstances known to him concerning the civil emergency and his recommendations in connection therewith.” Neither these things happened.

“Now these folks seem to have a hard time figuring out what shall and may mean so I want to make this poignantly clear. The Mayor is not a Lord who can rule by fiat. He is an elected representative of the people who must be held accountable for his actions. That means discussing major moves like shutting the entire city down with details before he does so. This is a country of laws and these kind of power grabs are a disgusting display of contempt for it.

“This is the United States of America and our rights to freedom of speech, assembly and petition our government must be protected. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died for us and is not something to be made political. You are either for these ideals, or not and party does not matter. I will always stand against overzealous executives running roughshod on people’s lives on a hunch. Mayor Curry must release his public declaration with specific details of why it was necessary immediately and hold the required City Council meeting to explain himself, at the very least.”

Ben Marcus is a small business owner and graduate of Jacksonville University. He lives in the Sunbeam neighborhood with his wife and three children where they attend Ahavath Chesed (The Temple). Ben believes in the power of community to solve its issues and that legislators should work collaboratively with, not act to subvert, local elected bodies. He doesn’t take money from businesses or PACs, nor does he have a political committee. Ben’s campaign for State House District 16 is focused on proving another way to run for and serve in public office is possible, where ethics and collaboration outweigh ideological purity and insular decision making.

Please visit VoteBenMarcus.com for more information about the campaign.


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