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Candidate for State House District 16 opposes the measure, citing politicization of schools.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – January 4, 2020 – “Since launching our campaign in mid-December, I have had a great number of conversations with teachers, parents, and administrators about the state of our publicly funded schools. More than anything else, those conversations have shown me people are finished with the politicization of our schools and the children and adults who spend time in them every day. We simply want to be able to send our kids to the neighborhood school and be confident they are receiving their constitutionally mandated high-quality education. From my and many others’ point of view, an elected superintendent will do nothing but further muck up our ability to get to the business of actually delivering it. Elections and limited terms will give an impetus for short sighted, overtly political behavior instead of truly looking to solve our issues of shifting standards, overfilled classrooms and teacher (and superintendent) retention.

Plain and simple, Tallahassee should have nothing to do with this issue and our state legislators shouldn’t be leading the charge to move our decisions out of town. People want grown-ups talking about investment in mental health services, technology, and facilities that are safe and well maintained for students to learn and teachers to work in. Not this distraction. It is difficult to believe the intention behind reforms like these is anything more than a concerted effort to make it as difficult as possible for the school board to address serious structural issues present in our schools. They, along with all of us, need help from our state legislators, not a knife in the back.”

Ben Marcus is a graduate of Santa Fe College and Jacksonville University. He lives in the Sunbeam area of Jacksonville with his wife and three children where they attend Ahavath Chesed. Ben believes in the power of community to solve its own issues and that legislators should work collaboratively with, not act to subvert, local elected bodies and residents. His campaign for State House District 16 is focused on proving there is another way to serve in public office, where ethics and collaboration greatly outweigh future ambitions and ideological purity.

Please visit VoteBenMarcus.com for more information about the campaign.


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