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Our system of government is built for local decision making on the vast majority of the issues that impact our day to day lives. And for good reason. What the founders understood then, and what is still true today, is just how different needs, customs, economies, and general ways of life are from city to city, state to state.


As an involved community member Ben has born witness to many a successful (and unsuccessful) attempt to make a positive change. From land use to affordable housing to active investment in young people, he has always been a vocal advocate for communities to empower and organize themselves for the better.

Holding decades long friendships across lines of difference, Ben not only enjoys but seeks out opportunities to learn from others. One conversation or tidbit of information from a different perspective can completely change a picture, and interpretation. Learning, structured or not, is central to the way he approaches life.


We are all good at something. For some it's surgery, for others it's baking pies. Both skills, and basically all others, are necessary for our community to continue to work. Ben has spent most of his career, in one capacity or another, helping people and organizations recognize and embrace the talents and assets they bring to the table.

non-profit consultant and small business owner by trade, Ben spends his time looking to maximize potential, connect people for fruitful win-win relationships, and identify opportunities to grow missions.

He has been working to bring people together around shared goals since serving in student government at Santa Fe College and with the statewide student government organization. Since then, he has helped youth and senior serving organizations better connect with their stakeholders, community health initiatives get the resources they need from local funders, and scores of excited volunteers connect to causes and roles they care about.


Ben is married to the love of his life, Roxanna, after meeting as City Year AmeriCorps Members in Washington, DC in 2003. They live in the Sunbeam area of Jacksonville with their three children (Judah, Elijah, and Emilia) and are members of Ahavath Chesed (The Temple). Ben has earned his stay-at-home-dad badge three times over, as well. Time with his children he will never forget.


Ben currently volunteers regularly with Jewish Family and Community Services, City Year, and a variety of other local causes. He grew up in Chicagoland and has been involved in volunteerism and serving his community for his entire life. Raised in the Reform Jewish community and surrounded by incredible diversity, he was instilled with the ethos of "Gemilut Chassadim" (acts of loving kindness) and a deep belief in a power higher than all of us. 

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